Killingworth Animal Hospital

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Professional Surgeries

Before admitting your patient to the hospital for a surgical procedure, a technician will meet with you to discuss your pet's itinerary for the day.   Microchip administration and discounted pre-anesthetic blood work will be offered at that time.  Each of our patients will have a thorough physical exam to confirm that they are healthy enough to be a surgical candidate.  Anesthesia protocols will then be created individually for each patient.  They are closely monitored, before, during, and after their procedure by the surgeon and surgical technician. 

Routine procedures include neuters, spays, mass removals, and other soft tissue procedures.  Our veterinarians will also perform other procedures, including cystotomies, entropion correction, exploratory surgeries for foreign body/obstruction removals, and more.

We occasionally will perform local anesthetic procedures on patients who are calm and well mannered.  Procedures such as a skin biopsy or small growths that need to be removed.  A local anesthetic agent will be administered to the area for numbing for the quick and minor procedure.